Continuous learning opportunities are offered to all staff via a variety of methods such as active involvement in professional associations and community organizations, attending and teaching seminars and conferences, on-the-job training, and regular performance feedback.

At BG, we emphasize training through a seamless office approach and encourage cross pollination of knowledge and skill. This fosters more creativity and ultimately rewards not only our internal team, but our clients as well. The benefits are opportunities for skill development, increased responsibility, team camaraderie, and career advancement.

We value communication, professional when needed, and lighthearted when warranted! BG has found that being a part of a close and supportive team inspires our best work which is why we celebrate the positive and progress with feedback. At BG Buildingworks, we value an open atmosphere where staff are informed of company news and celebrations are shared. This is accomplished with regular informational updates, and through open access and dialogue with management and leadership.