Mechanical designs are a direct reflection of the owner’s project requirements. Some owners are primarily concerned with “first cost,” e.g., capital expenditure. Others are responsible for ongoing operations and maintenance, and focus accordingly on costs associated with system performance and energy efficiency.

At BG, we listen to our clients’ needs and requirements, and design systems to meet their criteria. Our tailored solutions take into account the specific needs and goals of our clients and owners, while also keeping in mind the expectations of end-users, e.g., occupants. Overall, we’ve discovered that occupant comfort and satisfaction leads to repeat success for all project parties involved.

Designing appropriate mechanical systems has been a core service of BG since our company’s inception. We take pride in designing creative, cost-effective and sustainable systems that remain “unheard and unseen.” While referred to as “invisible,” our building systems are designed to realize optimum effectiveness, efficiency and aesthetics. It is a pleasure to create building conditions that produce experiences of pleasure, safeguard climate-sensitive needs, and operate efficiently and sustainably.


Electrical designs take into consideration owner/client needs for power distribution, uninterruptible power supply, multiple stand-by power sources, high-security, lighting and aesthetics. In addition, electrical designs accommodate needs for fire alarm, technology and communications systems. In today’s world, electrical designs have gained greater importance as security considerations and interoperable communications/technology systems have emerged as requisite needs. At BG, we have stayed at the forefront of fast-moving changes in electrical design systems and applications. We understand and design for our client/owner needs for security, e.g. schools buildings, as well as for mission-critical institutions, such as air traffic control, acute healthcare, and manufacturing laboratory-quality standards.


Owners/clients are increasingly aware of the benefits of resource use and efficiency in building system designs, including energy efficiency as well as water conservation and reuse. With water as one of the world’s scarce and “gold” level resources, plumbing efficiency is now a higher priority. BG has a long history of plumbing design in facilities ranging from high-end hotels and resorts to acute healthcare and manufacturing facilities. We bring this history together with current knowledge of water supply and needs, and design systems that accentuate water conservation and appropriate usage. Together with mechanical and electrical design, our plumbing designs complete the building systems “triumvirate.”


Hotel Jerome
Aspen, CO

“BG’s ability to think outside the box gave me the reassurance that our facility owner was getting the very best in cost-conscious and energy efficient mechanical, plumbing and electrical design.”
– Lisa Hubbard, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, GSG Architecture